This is it for our summary. We have worked very hard on this summary, and we hope that our effort shows. Thank you for watching/reading it. We hope we have left you with a clear idea of our topic.

From our group to you,

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Our summary & point of view

The video above is our cancer summary and point of view. We have had a few technical difficulties, but with some help we have managed to get this video up and running. We have worked very hard on this, and we hope you like it! We apologize if this video is not available at first… We tried to update it… And it didn’t go to well


Hello. I am Joleen from Cancer City News. Our talk show is on HWDSB Tv. Our talk Show will also be available on our Blog. We are arguing different types of things on different occasions. The most recent argue is about wether or not Lung Cancer victims are affected most by the Cancer disease. The rest of the information is for us to know and for you to find out.